Testing Techniques for a Betting Website

This assignment was part of the Fundamentals of Software Testing study unit, therefore the main aim of this assignment was to explore and try out different testing techniques and tools which include:

  • Unit Testing
  • Selenium (Automated Web Testing)
  • Cucumber
  • Model-Based Performance Testing

I’ve worked on this assignment with my good friend Jake Dalli. Check out my GitHub for our code!


The main idea of this website was that we were working for a new online betting company which allows users to place blind bets on sports events without them needing to know what sport or team their money will be bet on.  The company employs expert betting analysts to place bets on behalf of users.  In effect, a user can place a bet of (for example) EUR 5 and a betting analyst might split that into three different bets to spread the risk across different events. We are required to develop an initial version of the website using a 3-tier approach with the following requirements:

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